Monday 13, 2014 – BTFDNews is seeking submissions. We are looking for feature articles, provocative essays, investigative reportage, interviews, profiles, reviews, humour, and photography rooted in an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist analysis. If you’ve got a story in mind, we want to hear your pitch!

In particular, for this issue we are looking for features related to body and fat politics, old age, and political organizing in rural communities and smaller centres. But queries on all other topics are still welcome!

Queries are due January 1, 2015. If your query is accepted, first drafts will be due by January 30. Your query should outline what ground your contribution will cover, give an estimated word count, and indicate your relevant experience or background in writing about the issue. If you haven’t written for BTFDNews before, please provide a brief writing sample.

Please review our submission guidelines before sending your query to editor AT btfdnews DOT com.

Our standard rates of pay are as follows:

  • $25 – Profiles, short essays, parting shots (generally <1000 words)
  • $50 – Feature stories, photo essays
  • $100 – Research-based articles and investigative reportage (generally 1500-2500 words)

We reserve the right to edit your work (with your active involvement) and cannot guarantee publication.