From resource extraction to climate chaos and food sovereignty, the environment is a topic that defies human-made borders like no other. Industrial capitalism and its dependency on unhindered, never-ending growth represents a sustained assault on the Earth and its inhabitants. In this context, seekers of environmental justice have their work cut out for them. Here, you’ll find stories on agriculture, food, environmental racism, resource extraction, climate change and more.

  • Into the Pipeline, Down the enbridge rabbit hole

    BRANTFORD (Two Row Times) — On September 25th-26th, 2013 Enbridge Pipelines conducted a full-scale exercise simulating a pipeline rupture, an oil breach scenario that would see around 4,400 barrels of sour crude oil leach into the Grand River.

  • Tire recycling must be better monitored

    Brantford citizens and neighbouring environmentalists have come together to organize the East Ward & Echo Place Neighbourhood Association www.eastwardechoplace.