The way we organize and allocate power — in government, institutions, movements and communities — is at the root of all injustice. From foreign policy to crime and punishment, politics are central to the exercise of authority and oppression, but also to resistance, freedom and self-determination. Here you’ll find stories on imperialism, colonization, sovereignty, migration, electoral politics, law, and the political questions being asked by movements confronting these issues.

  • What does representation got to do with it!

    “We need to reconcile our political individuality with that of others, and be able to organize and govern ourselves with stability,” says Doolittle.

    BRANTFORD – A member of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk Nation), living within the city of Brantford has begun a neighbourhood association.

  • Pre Columbian Way of Life not Barred by Canadian Constitution

    Wanted: Preexisting Political communities that constituted through the representation of their own origin

    When an eleven-year-old aboriginal girl was diagnosed with leukemia it was naturally assumed that everything would be done under modern medical scientific practice to save her life.


    Placing your vote is a good way to secretly express your politics, and its a great way to stay in shape.

    Casting a vote for the city council and mayors office is a great way to honor the ideals of Canadian Democracy.