Human relationships are mediated by complex systems of power and privilege that determine our access and entitlement to health, safety, employment, dignity, home and belonging. As power becomes increasingly concentrated in the dominant classes, divisions and inequality based on race, gender, class, ability, sexuality and religion, among others, are becoming more prominent. These articles look at how these systems of power operate to divide us, and how we can overcome them and work toward a common humanity.

  • Covert Medical Application of Hazardous Material “Fluoride” the De facto Drug for Control

    I see quite often the subject of water fluoridation considered a conspiracy theory. Yet every time I search for this subject I get some very credible links and info that I find very hard to dismiss.

  • Home(r) of Brothers in Christ

    In ancient Greece and Rome, the concept of hospitality was considered to be a guest’s divine right and the host’s divine duty.